12 Oct 2017

4 Aug 2016

Hello August!!!

Hello everyone!!
August brings with it new excited designs!!
 Here I present you a gorgeous pair of baby booties in grey and pink colours.


11 Jun 2015

Crochet baby sandals - Pattern

   My first attempt at a pair of baby sandals,and I would say they turned out absolutely gorgeous!! They are so lovely and great for this coming summer.You can find the pattern and photo tutorials HERE .


4 Jun 2015

Think happy... Be happy!!!

Happy Summer Everyone!!!
Let's enjoy the beautiful yellow .... I absolutely adore this pair of baby socks in this vibrant and gorgeous colour.

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24 May 2015

Multicolour Flower Blanket.

I would like to share with you all this gorgeous baby blanket made from over 300 multicolour flowers. The best gift ever for a beautiful baby!!! 

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7 Jan 2015

An elegant touch - Baby booties.

The winter collection calls for comfortable stylish booties with an elegant touch.


6 Jan 2015

Knitted / Crochet headbands.